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Welcome to our site. We invite you to pursue the areas of law listed for additional information concerning your particular legal issue. The purpose of the Free Chicago Lawyers Listings to assist people residing in and around Chicago with their legal issues by providing them with contact information to lawyers and attorneys, legal tips, and educational articles. We are are free resource and always welcome your suggestions and input; if you would like to share free legal advice or a law-related article, please contribute.

Kindly note, all resources on and linked through this site do not constitute legal advice. Legal issues are often complex and unique to your situation. Thus, we encourage all visitors to consult a lawyer or attorney in their area.

We Are Often Asked Whether There Are Actually Free Lawyers In Chicago?
The Simple answer is YES there are, but it often depends on your particular circumstances. Finding low or "no cost" legal advice isn't always easy.  However, the value you get after putting your time into finding the best legal counsel within your budget is almost certainly worth the work.

Before Looking for a Lawyer You Should Know the Answers to These Questions:

1) What is the nature of your case?
2) How much can you afford to hire an attorney?
3) What type of a settlement or resolution would you be willing to make?

If you cannot afford to pay full attorney fees or even if your case is especially sensitive (like a civil rights claim), free legal advice may be a realistic goal. With a little bit of work, you may find an attorney willing to take your case for free or for much less than the generally listed fee. All you really need to know is where and how to look.

Contact local volunteer associations with free lawyers:
Many states offer volunteer lawyers and attorneys for people who cannot otherwise obtain an attorney. Be sure to check such local associations and if you are eligible/ fall under their criteria, your case will be assigned an all expense paid or reduced expense lawyer.

Visit or call local law school in your area:
Law students are often willing to take cases for practice. This is often a great solution as the student are almost always supervised by senior members of the law school. These services are a great option, and are often provided free or for a very nominal charge. However, there are drawbacks. Be sure not to over-rely on the student lawyers. They are still learning how to work with the legal system, and thus very important or intricate cases may be best reserved for an alternative approach to free legal advice.

Don't be shy about contacting reputed lawyers in your area:
Many lawyers and attorneys take particular cases on a contingency bases. This describes a method where the lawyer represents you without cost in exchange for a percent of the gains through winning or settlement. If you find a willing and a capable lawyer this method may be preferred. You will have no or little expenses, an experienced lawyer in your corner, and thus, very little to loose. Additionally, many attorneys offer free advice during your initial consultation; be sure to inquire upon this option. Don't be shy when talking to a lawyer. In the end, it's your legal matter at stake. Thus, call and contact each lawyer in site. Explain your situation, be thorough, and always be polite (the legal community is very closely knit). Try to get everything you can out of each meeting and be sure to take notes! Good luck with your legal issue, we wish you all the best.

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